3 Reasons to Get a Futon Cover This Year

Futon Cover

Oftentimes, people forget after they buy their futon, they should also buy a futon cover for ensuring its durability and longevity. Like a conventional mattress, a futon mattress is a significant investment that should be preserved for as long as possible. The best way to do that is by wrapping it snuggly inside a high-quality…

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Futon Covers. Frequently Asked Questions.

Futon covers give the futon its character. They are removable and unzip very easily. Futon covers come in all sizes with a large assortment of different materials. You can always update the look of your futon with another cover and it won’t break the bank. What are the measurements for the futon covers? Is there a zipper?…

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Futon Covers

Futon covers is what gives the futon its character. The advantage of having a futon over a sofa bed is that you can always update the look. Futon covers are removable and unzip very easily. The cotton twill and cotton print covers are machine washable. Futon covers come in all sizes, queen, full, full split,…

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