Contemporary Sofas Are the Way to Go Today

Innovation Living Sofa Beds

Tiny home living cramped New York City apartments, and innovative millennial-designed apartments across the country are shifting the “hot” real estate trends in favor of a smaller living space. Residents in cities like New York and Los Angeles are forced to get creative with their small spaces, and consequently turn their attentions to furniture that…

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Futonland’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again where we celebrate the man who made a difference in our lives by taking him out for a steak dinner and showering him in gifts. And we’re not talking about neck ties here, because he already has pile of those hanging around from every year you gifted it…

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Exclusive Tribeca Sofa Bed Stock

Futonland is happy to offer a 50% discount on Tribeca Euro Lounger Bed by Lifestyle Solutions. This budget sofa bed is in stock and ready to ship. Tribeca easily converts from sofa to bed position in seconds. It can be used in Sofa, Lounger, and Bed positions. It is perfect for any living room. This week price…

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