Brighten Your Living Room with a Sunset Sofa

Sunset Convertible Sofas

Sunset convertible sofas are possibly the easiest, most eye-catching additions to any kind of living room. They embody their name perfectly, reminiscent of something that makes us all smile, no matter our mood. Sunset sofa beds are a more fun, easier to move sofa option than a traditional couch or sofa and can be added to…

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4 Benefits of Having a Platform Storage Bed

Platform Storage Beds

Space is invaluable when it comes to the layout of our homes and apartments. Space is what drives people to move, upgrade, renovate, and refurbish their homes every single day. People are constantly looking for ways to maximize the space they own, and here at Futonland, we’re committed to providing them with solutions. Our storage…

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Contemporary Sofas Are the Way to Go Today

Innovation Living Sofa Beds

Tiny home living cramped New York City apartments, and innovative millennial-designed apartments across the country are shifting the “hot” real estate trends in favor of a smaller living space. Residents in cities like New York and Los Angeles are forced to get creative with their small spaces, and consequently turn their attentions to furniture that…

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3 Reasons to Get a Futon Cover This Year

Futon Cover

Oftentimes, people forget after they buy their futon, they should also buy a futon cover for ensuring its durability and longevity. Like a conventional mattress, a futon mattress is a significant investment that should be preserved for as long as possible. The best way to do that is by wrapping it snuggly inside a high-quality…

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Strata Furniture Wall Hugger Futons

Love your walls with a Wall Hugger. Your first thought probably is what is a Wall Hugger? A Wall Hugger is a type of futon frame that does not require the frame to be moved away from the wall when converting the frame. Another name is zero tolerance futon.   Why is this a big…

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The New Unifoam Flip Chair from Comfort Pure

Comfort Pure sets out to produce versatile furnishing in the most natural manner. Their latest product in the Unifoam line provides a healthy solution to small living spaces. The Unifoam Flip Chair is made entirely from 8 inch foam, and comes in a great variety of different colors and textures. Watch the video below to…

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Made in America

There was a time when America lead the modern world in manufacturing and industry. When American made meant something. Quality, durability and fine craftsmanship were synonymous with the words ‘made in usa’.

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