Purchasing a Futon Frame

Futon frame purchasing has evolved so much since the college dorm days. You have so many choices when selecting your futon frame, from cheap metal frames to wood arms with metal frames or all wood options. If you are selecting a college dorm room option then yes, a metal frame is the way to go….

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Small Space Guest Sleeping Solutions

We here at Futonland have collected a wide variation of chairs, sofas, and chaise lounges, which will morph and fold into a nice bed for the night. Unifoam Flip Chair A unique product, the Unifoam Flip Chair is a functional chair that can be converted into a sleeping space. Constructed entirely out of 8-inch foam,…

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A Guide to Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to accent any seating solution! They can bring a new flair to any room. Pillows can complete a look, change a room you’re getting bored of and even add your personal flair to quickly add your own twist to a basic concept. Home design is so personal, when choosing…

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Sofa Beds vs Futon Sofa Beds

When selecting either a futon or a sofa bed it’s purely personal preference. To each their own. Both have their own benefits. Are you looking for a traditional looking sofa that just so happens to convert to a bed? Then a sofa bed will be the best choice for you. However, if you are looking…

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Nationwide White Glove Services

White Glove Delivery Service

Are you a city resident with no car and no access to a vehicle that could transport already-made furniture items? This description applies to millions of Americans across the country, which makes delivery and White Glove services an absolutely vital part of a furniture distribution store. Though we have an in-store pickup for any of our…

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Control Your Futon Design With KD Frames

KD Futon Frame

Not everyone wants to buy completely assembled and already designed furniture pieces and frames today. There are the “creatives” out there, the woodworkers, and the painters who want their furniture pieces, but to also be able to alter and paint them as they see fit. We’re here to accommodate for these kinds of people, too….

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