“I Wasn’t Happy With It” – Customers Complain About IKEA Furniture

Let’s face it, complaining about the quality of cheap IKEA furniture is like complaining about the quality of a free health clinic in Tijuana – you get what you paid for. Which, in that case is a bottle of Tequila and free donkey ride back to your hotel. 

But this is America and we expect a better product for our dollar,  not a cheap presswood sofa bed, or couch cushions that show wear after 3 months.

Yahoo Makers wrote up a great article about IKEA customers taking issue with some of the ‘quality’ of their products. Some of the reactions range from “My husband ended up putting them out on the curb” to the typical: ““ I would tighten the screws as tight as I could but it made no difference.”

Don’t get me wrong, the Swedes know how to make nice looking furniture, but quality this isn’t.

I think IKEA is good temporary furniture for a college fraternities graduation party, or as a prop in someone’s backyard wrestling tournament. This stuff breaks, and I mean breaks.

If you’re going to buy a Futon or a Sofa Sleeper, it might as well last you longer than 6 months. After all, we’re not talking Rent-a-Center here.     




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