Why didn’t I buy this years ago?

Futon No-Slip Strips by Futonland

Yeah so this purchase definitely falls under the category of “why didn’t I buy this years ago?”. My futon cushion is very thick and comfortable, but also heavy. Being my first futon I thought it was normal for it to keep sliding down over time. Every other day or so I’d pick it up and try to put it back in place, only to have it slide back down over a short period of time. Pretty annoying. Finally I decided to see if there was anything on Amazon that could help with this and found this item. Reviews were good so I tried it out. Yeah, it works perfectly, the futon cushion doesn’t move at all now.

So to explain what it is, it has adhesive on one side which sticks to the slats of the futon frame. The other side looks kind of like a soft packing material you might see protecting electronics in shipping. Hard to believe by looking at it that it would support a heavy futon cushion with people sitting and getting up over and over, but it absolutely does work and it hasn’t moved an inch since I got it.

Since there is no adhesive on the side that touches the cushion it is completely safe to use and doesn’t cause any kind of mess. The roll they sent was enough to apply to every other wood slat which apparently was more than enough by looking at the results.

Definitely satisfied with the purchase! Don’t forget to let the adhesive stick to the frame for an hour before you put the cushion back on. Not sure how important that really is, but I let it sit for an hour as instructed and results are perfect!

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