Gardening Tips For Small Spaces

Gardening Tips For Small Spaces

Having a smaller outdoor space doesn’t mean that you can’t grow a lot of plants and vegetables. Use your outdoor space wisely by getting more creative about how you use the space that you have. Consider these tips for gardening in small spaces:

Create A Vertical Garden

This is a great way to use the vertical space that is within your outdoor living area. Use a wall of your balcony or small patio to create a hanging vertical garden that can support a lot of plants. You can purchase vertical garden sets but you can also create your own vertical garden using a variety of materials. Anything that can hold a small amount of soil, drains well, and can hold a small plant is the perfect set-up for a vertical garden.

Hang It Up

A spin on vertical gardening is to use hanging baskets that can easily be installed underneath overhangs and awnings. Hanging baskets can hold both flowers and plants and placing a few in your outdoor living area will greatly increase your growing potential. Get creative with hanging gardens and check out the vegetables that are now available in upside down hangers. Tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers can all be grown in special upside down holders that help to maximize space while also providing food for your home.

Railing Planters

Growing food along the railing of a balcony is another great way to make the best of a smaller outdoor space. Railing planters can easily be hung onto railings without damaging the railing itself which is a big plus for those with strict apartment rules. Railing planters can be used by themselves or put a few together to create a mini garden. Choose plants that won’t get too big or heavy that could damage the railing planter. Good options for plants include flowers, herbs, succulents, lettuce or strawberries. Adding railing planters to your balcony is an easy and beautiful way to maximize your gardening potential.

Add Some Pots

You can create a beautiful garden on a small scale by using potted plants in a small outdoor space. Pots come in various shapes and sizes and you can stagger the pots to create more usable space. Consider a staggered plant stand that will allow you to place pots at different heights in order to use more vertical space. Upcycle pots to create planters by using items like tin cans, mason jars, or even old boots to create a unique potted garden area.

Let It Climb

Encouraging climbing plants to grow upwards is a great way to utilize limited room for gardening. Using plants like ornamental grasses and climbing plants can also help create extra privacy in your outdoor living space. Place a large pot with a climbing plant against a piece of lattice or even a recycled pallet. The plant will naturally grow up the wood and will create another aspect of a vertical garden in using the vertical space about the pot. Consider stabilizing the lattice to stand by itself in order to also create a natural privacy wall. Climbing plants are easy to grow and will create plenty of interest and beauty in a small space.

You can grow many plants, and a lot of food, in a small outdoor space. Consider creating a hanging vertical garden on one wall to maximize your growing space. Other vertical options include using climbing plants and railing planters to make smarter use of space. Hanging some baskets and using staggered pots are also great ways to garden in a small space. Choose a few of these tips in creating a lush garden in spite of having a small outdoor living space.

About the Author

Kelly Holland is a gardening and landscape design writer who loves experimenting in her kitchen. Her quirky nature loves a bright color palette so naturally her coveted garden is covered in a rainbow of fruits, vegetable and flowers.


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