Why Should I Futon?

When people think of futons most they think of a cheap bedding of choice for cash-strapped college students, but that is far from true today. The futon mattress market is now very expansive and uses the same technology that makes conventional mattresses so comfortable. Unlike the convertible sofa bed where there is a split down the center which requires an additional purchase of a topper to make sleepable, the futon is designed to be multifunctional and fully customizable. There are also a variety of futon frames on the market, so you don’t have to settle for a cheap metal frame that threatens to fall apart when you move. We know how important matching your current home design is so we keep this in mind when selecting our product offering.

Selecting the Proper Mattress

Just like conventional mattress shopping, futon mattress selection is the same. When on the hunt for the perfect mattress keep these 3 things in mind:

  1. Size
  2. Support
  3. Comfort Level (plush-firm)

The industry has come a long way with the futon mattress options, you can now buy a wide variety of futon mattresses made with springs, foam, or even organic. There are still those college-dorm cheapy futons that come with a cotton filled poor quality mattress, and they’re often so thin that you can feel the bars of the frame below. The most comfortable futon mattress options are typically high-density foam and substantial batting with enough depth to block pressure from the frame.

Rule of thumb, the thicker the better. Thicker mattresses have the potential to be more difficult to fold up, but they’re also much more supportive and way more comfortable for sleeping. You should consider how you’re most likely to use your futon bed before selecting a mattress. It’s also important to consider your personal needs because what works for one may leave you with aches and pains.

Quick History Lesson

The futon movement originated in Japan. They would place a thin cotton and foam mattress on tatami mats. These beds are placed directly on the floor and are easily rolled up and stored away when not in use. Many people consider these amongst the most comfortable futons to sleep on, even though they place you at floor level. They’re filled with layers of cotton, polyester fiber, foam, and other materials that provide some level of comfort, but you can still assume that a floor futon is going to feel firmer than that pillowtop mattress we all know and love.

Mattress Placement Tips

Maybe sleeping on a thin mattress and tatami mat on the floor isn’t your thing. If this is the case you have other options. You can place a futon mattress on a platform bed frame, stylish wood futon frame, or you may buy a thick memory foam futon mattress and place it directly on the floor.

Start with a high-quality futon mattress that you find comfortable. Then buy a protective stylish cover and then layer it with sheets, pillows, and other bedding options that help you feel warm and cozy. The process is very similar to purchasing conventional mattresses, so don’t overthink the process. The options are endless and the versatility is what makes the process much more fun than sofabed or conventional mattress shopping.

The futon mattress industry has changed so much over the years. High-quality futons can very well last you longer than a cheap conventional mattress made from low-quality materials. The advancement in futon mattress technology has changed the market, these beds are no longer just for college dorms or those with limited funds.


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