Maximizing Small Spaces

Have you been seeking answers to how to best utilize your new space with functional furniture? Has it been impossible to find furniture that is your style AND multifunctional? Well, then you have come to the right place! We are here to help you find the solutions to best use your space, decorate and make the room appear larger all while allowing you to keep your decorating identity… I bet you think we’re gonna say “you need to add mirrors, only light colors, and contemporary design..” Nope! Not us, we are going to help you utilize every inch of space that is normally wasted.

Furniture Scale

Now yes, there is a reason that so many companies suggest using modern furniture pieces, that is because of the overall scale of the furniture size. They recommend this because when it comes to a small space… Contemporary furniture is sleek compact and takes up much less space than traditional furniture. For example, a curved/rolled arm not only physically but aesthetically takes up much more space than its contemporary straight arm counterpart. Don’t ever feel the need to settle with a design you are not satisfied with every company makes a product for someone. No matter your style, step one is making sure it will fit.

Traditional Options

If your taste is traditional, check out Mobista. Their product line is divine for traditional small space solutions. They have convertible sofa beds with storage.


Contemporary Options

If you prefer contemporary furniture we suggest looking into Innovation furniture solutions. Not only do their stunning designs come in all forms but they all convert to sofa sleepers.

Color Pallet

Color selection is key! Don’t stray too far away from color when painting your walls! You can have those dark wall colors if you carefully select your furniture pieces. Throwing a soft pastel color furniture against bold wall colors can draw your eyes away from the wall and make the room feel larger! Now, the inverse holds true as well, light colored walls with dark furniture can work just fine as well! It is only when you do dark walls, dark wood, and dark furniture that the room will become cramped and make the room feel heavy. If you plan on bright pops of color in a small space, do this very selectively and make sure it is spread out.


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