Multi Time Zone Wall: DIY

There was a point in time when high tech communication was a guy on a pony galloping to the next town to deliver a letter. Then there were the days of switchboard operators and party lines, now we have nearly instant communication with anybody in the world at our fingertips. Communication via technology has always served to make the world a smaller place. Perhaps the biggest way that technology has made the world smaller is through the internet, business and social media! We are constantly connecting with people from all over the world. So to make the world a little smaller we decided on a multi-time zone wall!

For this multi-time zone clock wall, we picked one clock to use. We chose a very simple design as to not distract from the concept. Personal preference aside you may go as ornate or simple as you like.

What you need:

  • 3 Kenton Wall Clocks
  • 2 packs of wall decals (letters & numbers)
  • Nails, hammer, level, tape & ruler

Step 1: Select your wall

Pick the wall you would like to use and measure your useable space. In this regard, go ahead and assume you selected clocks that will fit. Once selected your wall and measured your space move on to the next step.

Step 2: Lay out the clocks

Now that you decided on your wall and the clocks you should now decide how you plan to arrange them. We figured 3 in a row all level and equally spaced apart worked for us. However, if you would like to stagger them you may do so as well.

Step 3: Mark their places

This is when you will use the tape. We used blue painters tape so we could see before we put holes in the wall. We centered the tape for the very center of the clock. Once this was done I stood back and made sure it was the idea I had in mind.

Step 4: Measure and level

When we were finished making sure placement was correct we then grabbed the hammer nails and ruler. we made sure they were all equal distance apart, level and ready to go. Once this was finished I started to hang my nails.

Step 5: Hang ‘em up

Hang your clocks and then get your letters ready. We selected individual letters all capital so we could see them from the other room but you can customize them any way you want with fonts shapes colors styles! Whatever you like. Place the name of the time zone specific region directly under the clock. Use the ruler to make sure spacing is correct under each clock. Etsy has hang tags with places written on them or pre-established decals in this format. I wanted to do it myself and save some money!

Step 6: Enjoy

Finally, it is all finished now. Stand back and pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Set the clocks at the right time for each zone and voila! Get ready to make your phone calls.


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