Space Saving Options for Multi-Purpose Rooms


One of the best things about a Den is that casual esthetic. The room’s primary function, after all, is to be multifunctional activities such as watching movies, TV, playing video games, reading and many other uses which allow for a casual look. Futonland always suggests functional furniture options such as sofa beds with storage or futons. When living in urban areas we know every inch of space must be utilized to its full potential so most rooms need added storage; to store the books, seasonal items, and even linens and additional pillows and bedding. So, why not add a sofa bed with storage or a futon with drawers for all these easily storable items?

Office/Guest Room

Simplicity is a word that comes to mind when considering office/guest room design. It is important to keep in mind that an office is a place to get things done, so you do not want your multipurpose room to be distracting. It’s also nice to know that your guests (who came to relax) are able to sit back relax and enjoy the view of your perfectly styled room. Picking furniture will be challenging but not impossible based on space if this is the only spot where you can fit a guest bed, it is best to look into Sofa Beds from Innovation Living, Cabinet Beds, or even Murphy beds if you are tight on space. Not only does the cabinet bed save space, but it does not even look like it is a bed, it will appear as a credenza to the naked eye while you host your virtual or in-person meeting at home.

Kids Room/Guest Room

When planning a kids room there are a few things to keep in mind. First planning the length of time you will be planning on keeping the product, can they grow into it, can the grow out of it, is it sturdy/ safe, was it made to USA child standards, and finally how much am I willing to spend with these factors in mind? It is very important to think about getting well made quality furniture that can withstand the rough and tumble that children put furniture through. When kids get excited and have friends or cousins over they tend to bump and run into furniture. It is crucial that you pick furniture that can stay strong and not break.

Choose Furniture That is Safe, Sturdy, and Chemical Free

Futonland has a huge selection of natural/chemical free furniture and mattresses that do not give off the gas, nor does it have flame retardants. Our futon covers are easy to remove and can be thrown in the wash for an easy clean! We offer a wide variety of high quality, thick mattresses and hardwood furniture that can withstand the wear and tear of kid & teen use. Our futons and sofa beds have mechanisms that are built for easy use for kids, teens, and the elderly if shown proper use (our website and youtube channels have training videos for users.)

Sofa Bed or Daybed With Storage

If there is not a lot of storage, a great idea is to get a bed with storage. Futonland has small-scale sofa beds with storage that are perfect for teens and kids rooms! We also offer day beds with trundles for additional guests as well as futons with storage drawers.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a great option to utilize space in a kid or teens bedroom! We offer loft beds with use underneath, Twin over Full Futon, twin over twin, and many other options! The versatility will allow you to make the best use of the space in the room!

Futon Frames with Storage Drawers

A simple full-size futon frame with storage drawers in a teens room is the perfect solution when it comes to additional sleeping arrangements and a little extra storage for all those “must haves” that end up being Mom & Dads responsibility. “Out of sight out of mind” is our motto!

Futon Covers That Are Decorative and Functional

While we discuss a variety of options and utilization, we figured you should know about our futon covers to help complete the look in any room! We recommend you choose a color or pattern that will match the style of the room. The ease of use to put on and take off these covers are part of their charm! This gives you the option to seasonally change the look of any room you have a futon! With hundreds of colors and textures, there is every futon cover selection imaginable.Side Note: We make all our covers in-house, so that means if we don’t have the exact pattern, color, or heavy texture pattern you desire… you can bring in your own for a custom job! (Spectacular, we know…) Anything and everything is possible at Futonland, we welcome the opportunity to see new fabrics that can spark inspiration for upcoming seasonal lines!

Great Room/Guest Room

Be it urban big city livin’ or a residential home with a greatroom, finding that perfect piece to complete the room can be stressful. In rooms like this, we always suggest a piece with the sleeper option! Be it an Orion by Strata or the Armless Dillon by Strata we believe it to be the best choice to add additional sleeping locations to your home! Why not?! We know having overnighters can be stressful when you do not have additional rooms so the best trick to this is to get creative and add a daybed or sofa for added seating and convert easily into a bed for sleeping. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks by Futonland.


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