A Guide to Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to accent any seating solution! They can bring a new flair to any room. Pillows can complete a look, change a room you’re getting bored of and even add your personal flair to quickly add your own twist to a basic concept. Home design is so personal, when choosing throw pillows there is a science to styling! Placement, size, color, texture, and patterns all matter when choosing the right ones for your home.

It is so much fun to pick these affordable and easy upgrades to jazz up your room. You have to keep in mind these few things when picking your throw pillows:

1. Size

To determine your pillow size you must keep in mind the size of the furniture that it will be going on. 24” x 24” & 20” x 20” as well as bolsters are the most ideal choice for Sofas and Loveseats.

2. Fabric

We always recommend keeping in mind if your sofa or chair has a pattern. If this is the case, we suggest looking at solid colored covers. If solid is too boring for you, go with a solid textured fabric. The same thing goes for the opposite! If you have a solid sofa or chair you should go pattern crazy! If you really want to jazz it up, add a patterned textured fabric, fur, or even leather!

3. Placement

Now we must touch on placement… You should always start with two… Not enough? Go for 4… Still bored? Go crazy mix and match with 7 at all different shapes sizes colors and patterns! The possibilities are endless. Above you will see arrangement styles and placement.

4. Mix & Match

Lastly, we are suggesting mixing and matching colors, patterns, and textures for the daring chic home styler! You should start with 2 large solid colored pillows. Layer on top two 20” x 20” throws. Those you can get funky! Select a pattern, texture, sequined, or even a furry style here. If you want to do another layer… great! Go with 17” x 17”, this one I would go with a heavy texture solid color (perhaps a corduroy, microsuede or even a burlap/denim.) If you’re still not quite satisfied, top it all off with a neck roll or bolster! This should have piping and be embroidered.

And voila! You have a perfectly styled sofa. Give us a call and we can help you pick all of this for you!


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