How to Maintain Your Futon Frame

We know how long you spent finding the best futon, that is why we wanted to help you maintain that frame so it will last you years to come! The best part about it is that it will only take 5 minutes to do and you only have to do this maybe once every year or two. I would suggest making sure you keep assembly hardware in an easily accessible location. I keep mine taped to the far right leg on the back side out of sight but very easy to get to.

The first suggestion is to check on the bolts every 8-10 months. It’s easy enough to do. If any are loose tighten them up quick! If you live in an area where temperature change is inevitable, be sure that your arms are tightened to the stretcher rails. When you do this it will prevent movement that causes bolts to bend. Wood will chip and crack if the room is constantly hot and cold from thawing and contracting in those extreme temp months.

The next suggestion we offer is another one for once a year. We advise you to grab a bar of soap or some candle wax and “grease” up your roller track. It is located on the arm of your frame. This will help the rollers to glide naturally, prolong the mechanism’s lifespan, reduce friction of the moving parts and make the conversion easier to perform. Some “uncommon sense” we offer is to never force your frame to fall into bed. If you feel like you’re forcing it, stop, check all the bolts and rollers to be sure everything is safe.

We have come to learn that most wood futon frame damages come from forcing the frame to convert when stuck. Most frames are built to convert fairly easily. If you are having to force the frame to convert this is an indication that something is wrong and you should contact us immediately to help walk you through next steps.

If you check your bolts, wax the canal, and focus on maintenance, your futon frame will last years to come!


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