Sagebrush Queen Murphy Cabinet Bed Added To Inventory

Sagebrush Cabinet Murphy Bed

Are you someone interested in the convenience of a cabinet bed, but couldn’t find yourself warming up to the traditional wood colors used when constructing a cabinet bed? We have good news for you. As of this week, we are proud to announce the addition of a Sagebrush Queen Murphy Cabinet bed to our ever-expanding cabinet bed selection here at Futonland.

Designed to only take up 10 square feet of a floor in any sized home or apartment, the queen murphy bed is an instant queen sized bed in a matter of seconds. Once it’s rolled up and put away, home visitors will never have any idea the tiny cabinet in the corner blossoms into a massive guest bed that very comfortably sleeps two.

Some notable features of our new Sagebrush Queen Murphy Cabinet bed include:

  • Large rolling storage drawer
  • Higher sleep platform
  • Built-in dual power/USB module
  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Shallow sleep enclosure
  • Base-backed inside fully assembled murphy cabinet
  • Tri-fold premium gel memory foam queen mattress
  • Two sets of drawer knobs
  • A 10-year warranty

And the list goes on. We have Murphy Cabinet beds that are optimized to provide maximum comfort and convenience today. We know how challenging it can be to maximize space in a tiny apartment while also offering accommodation for houseguests and visitors. A Cabinet bed is the perfect solution without even giving away the fact that you have a bed packed away in a piece of furniture.

Not to mention the light, earthy feel of the Sagebrush color used for our new cabinet. It perfectly complements earth tones and light neutrals as the perfect piece of minimalistic furniture.

Thinking about upping your living room or bedroom game? A Queen Murphy Cabinet bed is the perfect way to go about it.


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