Control Your Futon Design With KD Frames

KD Futon Frame

Not everyone wants to buy completely assembled and already designed furniture pieces and frames today. There are the “creatives” out there, the woodworkers, and the painters who want their furniture pieces, but to also be able to alter and paint them as they see fit.

We’re here to accommodate for these kinds of people, too. The do-it-yourselfers and the passionate home décor individuals deserve the same access to our futon and bed accessories as everyone else does. That’s why we carry Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) goods, accessories, frames, and more.

Whether it’s a fold-out platform bed, a bedside table, a coffee table with magazine racks, or an entire futon frame ready to support anywhere from a twin to a queen futon, we have KD frames that are unfinished, unpainted, and unassembled, letting you and your imagination run wild.

If you’re someone who has no desire to paint your own furniture, but you would like to have access to budget knockdown futons, beds, and accessories, KD Frames furniture would work for you perfectly. Assembling furniture and adding unique flairs is a great way to take generic products and make them old looking, rustic, or even modern with a slimmed design.

Take the time to put together the frames, beds, and accessories you envision in your home. Our RTA furniture is a significantly less expensive option than venturing out there to find original antiques or brand new, already composed furniture pieces.

Whether you want unfinished, already painted, or hardwood composed furniture pieces, we accommodate every kind of assembling and building style here at Futonland.


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