Contemporary Sofas Are the Way to Go Today

Innovation Living Sofa Beds

Tiny home living cramped New York City apartments, and innovative millennial-designed apartments across the country are shifting the “hot” real estate trends in favor of a smaller living space. Residents in cities like New York and Los Angeles are forced to get creative with their small spaces, and consequently turn their attentions to furniture that can serve a dual purpose.

That’s where our Innovation Sofa Beds come into play. These high quality contemporary styled sofas look and appear like an expensive couch; but, when no one’s looking, transform into a comfortable bed, suitable to fit one or two people. It’s the best of both worlds, satisfying a sitting requirement in a living space, while also providing a sleeping option to any guests or even a roommate.

Here are a few benefits of owning a contemporary sofa:

  • Space: by using these contemporarily designed couches, homeowners will have more space for tables and storage, as they dually function as a bed for guests. Space is incredibly valuable – and expensive today – so being able to maximize the space in your apartment is absolutely priceless.
  • Creative design: traditional and big sofas and couches oftentimes come with little creative expression and wiggle room. They tend to be solid in color and boringly designed for a big family home. Our contemporary sofas are just that: edgy and sleek in design, crafted from the highest artistic Danish developments.
  • Hospitality: with a contemporary sofa, you’ll be able to host guests in your city apartment. Before, your houseguests had no option but to sleep on the cold, hard floor. With your new sofa, they’ll be able to comfortably sleep through the night.

We’re committed to contemporary design and innovation here at Futonland. Our best-selling Contemporary Sofas satisfy every living space requirement and provide apartment owners with space versatility again.


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