Brighten Your Living Room with a Sunset Sofa

Sunset Convertible Sofas

Sunset convertible sofas are possibly the easiest, most eye-catching additions to any kind of living room. They embody their name perfectly, reminiscent of something that makes us all smile, no matter our mood. Sunset sofa beds are a more fun, easier to move sofa option than a traditional couch or sofa and can be added to any kind of kitchen or living room design.


Have you ever been amazed at all of the versatile styling options that come with the selection and placement of a Sunset sofa bed? They come in literally any color or pattern, and on our site, you will find a selection of everything from an olive-patterned Sunset sofa to bright yellow, sleek creations that bring any Beach House to lively life.

Due to their compact design, they can be moved and placed in just about any corner or area in a living room.


Lest we forget, the most convenient feature of all for a Sunset sofas is the fact that they convert into a comfortable, supportive bed in a matter of seconds. Your guests will have a night of sleep they never thought possible on a couch-to-bed contraption.

Passionate about providing our customers options, we have Sunset sofa beds of all sizes if you’re looking for a smaller, twin bed or a larger, full or queen-sized bed to accommodate couples at your humble abode.


Sunset sofas are designed to be firmly supportive both when you’re sitting and sleeping on them. This is a sofa that wants your posture and back alignment to be happy. Old sofas slouch and slowly cause us spinal discomfort over time. With our Sunset sofas, you’ll never feel that kind of pain, no matter how many times you sleep on it.

Considering a dual functioning sofa and bed that also appears brightly beautiful and sleekly compact for easy furniture arrangement? Consider one of our Sunset sofa beds today.


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