4 Benefits of Having a Platform Storage Bed

Platform Storage Beds

Space is invaluable when it comes to the layout of our homes and apartments. Space is what drives people to move, upgrade, renovate, and refurbish their homes every single day. People are constantly looking for ways to maximize the space they own, and here at Futonland, we’re committed to providing them with solutions.

Our storage beds are a budget solution for any sized home, and we’re here to provide the top 4 benefits of having a platform storage bed.

  1. Space

Though we just touched on this topic, we can’t stress enough how valuable personal space can be. By having a storage bed, you will be able to store countless items, clothing, accessories, shoes, and more, without ever hinting at it to viewers. Storage beds are designed for functionality. They can house an unimaginable amount of items, and look good doing it.

  1. Bedroom creativity

By having a platform storage bed, you now have the rest of your bedroom to get creative with. No more worrying about how storing your belongings will look in the corners of the room. You can let your inner artist fly free with designing.

  1. Easier step on

Storage beds naturally lift your mattress higher to the ceiling, putting your sleeping environment higher off than ground. Did you know most people prefer to have a little lift in their sleeping environment? It’s also easier to get on and off a bed that isn’t hugging the floor.

  1. Expansive selection

We take our beds seriously here. We have upholstered designs, bunk beds, daybeds and everything in-between to suit your styling needs.

Ready to get innovated with your bedroom? Our expansive selection will satisfy any design, color, and aesthetic preference to match a feasible budget.


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