3 Reasons to Get a Futon Cover This Year

Futon Cover

Oftentimes, people forget after they buy their futon, they should also buy a futon cover for ensuring its durability and longevity. Like a conventional mattress, a futon mattress is a significant investment that should be preserved for as long as possible. The best way to do that is by wrapping it snuggly inside a high-quality futon cover.

Here are 3 reasons it’s time to get that futon cover this year:

  1. Spills

If you own a futon that means you frequently use it as a couch for a company. People are going to inevitably spill drinks and food on the futon. By having the futon preserved in a cover, it’s an added layer between the spill and permanently damaging the futon mattress. Invest in your futon purchase like you would a full-scale mattress purchase.

  1. Aesthetic

Futon covers give you the creative ability to wrap your futon in any color or styled cover. We have an assortment of styles and colors, from black, blues, and browns, to grays, greens, and everything in between. Don’t settle for a solid black or white futon as a mixture in your living room. Wrap it up in a cover that matches the colors of your walls and decorations.

  1. Allergens

Did you know that by covering your futon in a cover, you are preventing allergens, like dust mites, from being able to settle on into the futon mattress? Futons, blankets, and carpets are excellent allergen holders. By establishing a boundary between the allergen and your futon, they will be less successful when it comes to irritating your nose.

Here at Futonland, we take our Futon Cover selection seriously. We have over 170 styles for Twin, Full, and Queen futons. We even offer custom sized covers made by request. All handmade here in Brooklyn, NY.

And don’t forget to grab a Non-Slip pad or a Grip Strip to avoid your mattress slippage.


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