Alternative Bedding Solutions

murphy bed

We here at Futonland are constantly trying to find the best furniture solutions for our spatially challenged New York brethren and sistren.  So when we heard a Canadian furniture company in British Columbia was selling Queen size beds that fold into short counter top cabinets, we jumped on the opportunity almost immediately.

Murphy beds are big, bulky, and take up a lot of  wall space.  CabinetBed presents a solution to the lengthy (and expensive) installation process of a Murphy bed and puts it in a compact furniture item.  Take one look at how easy these cabinet beds are to operate and you’ll be convinced that this is best solution for your restrictive space.

Not only does this offer compact bedding solution, but it also doubles as a TV stand with it’s optional power outlet and USB charger built right into the frame. This is exactly what mean what when talk about functional furniture.

CabinetBed offers up to 9 stains and 5 different paints. The cabinets are constructed out of very durable plywood material that assures this piece will last for years to come.  You can purchase Cabinet Beds on our website. For more information on CabinetBed visit their website. 

Now that you know what a Cabinet Bed is and how it works, are you ready to free up some space in your urban dwelling?


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