Multipurpose Furniture: Paving The Way For Not Being In The Way

What if I told you that sofas don’t have to be just “sofas“. That they can also be split back sofas, loungers, daybeds, and even beds… Crazy, right? Not really. If that were the case Lifestyle Solutions wouldn’t have the word ‘solutions’ on their company name.

Which brings us to the Verona & Brenem convertible sofas by Serta & Lifestyle Solutions.

Brenem Convertible Sofa

Brenem Convertible Sofa
With it’s smokey brown leather exterior it will add class and sophistication to your your living room space.You’d swear this steel framed sofa came straight from Italy.  It’s definitely not your typical convertible sofa.


Having a loved one over for movie night? Flip the adjustable sides up and you have instant arm rests for your sofa, or keep them down to maximize seating space. Need to relax alone on a lazy Sunday? Flip one side down and relax with your dog. Having guests stay the night? Convert it to a full-size bed. 

Sleep or lounge the Brenem Convertible Sofa has it all.

Verona Convertible Sofa

Verona Convertible Sofa
Moving on to the Verona Convertible Sofa. Featuring 3 seat functions this versatile wooden framed sofa offers all the flexibility and comfort that you would expect from a Serta mattress.

It’s contemporary bi-fold design won’t be a sore on your eyes and it’s easy operation mechanism makes pulling out the bed a cinch.

Did I mention that both of these couches have finger guard protectors? Well they do. Serta’s finger guard protectors will prevent you from closing the bi-folds on your clumsy fingers.

Congratulations clumsy people. They’ve invented a piece of furniture that protects you from you. 



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