“All Sofa Beds are Cheap and ugly looking” -Think TWISTed

Despite this frigid cold weather Futonland is committed to bring our customers the best an exciting new items. Futonland is thrilled to introduce new and ravishing new colors for best selling convertible sofa bed Twist. Unbeatable functionality and comfort of Twist is now available in vivacious optimum fuchsia, energetic optimum green and vibrant optimum yellow. Did we mention storage space and free pillows. Since winter is being resistant to leave allow spring to enter and warm up your home.

All colors are available in stock and standing by to bring comfort and great spirit to your home.


  • Love-seat Sofa: 53.5″W x 37″D x 35.4″H
  • Sleeper: 53.5″W x 72″D

Since its establishment in 1957 and based on years of experience attained from a 50 year long success story, Sunset International (Istikbal) has succeeded in becoming the furniture sector leader, and takes a deserved place amongst Turkey’s most respected brands in terms of selection, unique designs and a commitment to quality. Sunset International (Istikbal) adds value to the sector and creates new venues.
Sunset International (Istikbal)’s consumer oriented approach helps reflect the sectors needs and expectations on the product in every sense. They go to great lengths to keep up to date with home decoration and forecast future trends so that we can continually develop our production and service processes. By blending years of experience in the sector with innovative designs, modern production and marketing approach, Sunset International (Istikbal) seeks to raise the bar in the furniture sector.
Sunset International was established to provide quick service, high quality product, and value-based prices for US based clients. Sunset International (Istikbal) has a long history of great product being delivered with great service. Sunset is just another proof of their commitment to quality service and product. The focus is on selection, and value.


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