I Hate my old Futon Cover

Rediscover your old futon by giving it new look. All you need to do is get a new futon cover! One of the biggest advantages of a futon sofa is having a flexibility to change the futon cover. Futon covers can be changed seasonally or whenever your heart desire without making a big dent in your pocket. Futonland is thrilled to introduce a beautiful selection of vibrant futon covers. The options of fabrics we offer would compliment different home decors and personalities. Make your selection’s from variety of energetic microfiber, textured and patterned cozy chenille, soft cottons and wonderful cotton blend’s. Each fabric selections are distinct and have its own characteristics.

Solid Cover

Microfiber Cover

Chenille Cover

Microfiber is a synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon, or a combination of both. Due to its content,microfiber futon covers are great all year around. Microfiber futon cover is more durable than leather or other fabric options when standing up to pets. It doesn’t get easily scratched up. Another advantage of microfiber futon cover that it is on the easiest materials to clean. Actually just water and a soft cloth will take most surface stains off.

Chenille on the other hand is actually a name of the process by which the fabric made of pile yarns pulled together by the two ends of a tightly twisted piece of core, or stronger yarn. This fabric could be produced by using different fibers. Most commonly used fibers are rayon, cotton and acrylic. The process by which this fabric is made allows it to have that soft and cozy feel. Chenille futon covers would a beautiful compliment to your house decor during colder season to give that luxury warm feeling. Our three way zipper structure for futon covers would make the maintenance very easy and convenient. The best way to clean chenille futon covers would be to dry clean because water or water based chemicals can permanently damage the fabric.

Let us also introduce our beautiful cotton poly blend cover collection made from fibers of both the natural cotton and the synthetic polyester. A cotton poly blend futon covers are versatile and bring the benefits of both fibers into one blend. Its cotton content allows the cover to retain light and cool texture and polyester make the futon cover be more durable and wrinkle resistant. This group of wonderful futon covers are available in variety of solid and print fabrics. There also variations in cotton poly blend covers one of which would be solid twill futon covers. Twill futon covers would have more distinct texture because fabric woven in a diagonal, parallel ribs pattern. Its strong fabric qualities yet soft and luxurious texture would make a great cover for your futon.

To insure a proper fit there are few details you need to know about the futon covers like size, loft and whether or not you want to enhance your cover by adding a pippin or inlay.

Futon covers are hand made and fit perfectly on mattresses of appropriate sizes with thickness of about 6 to 8 Inch. Most of our futon covers come with three way zipper. Futon covers with zippers are very easy to get futon mattresses into. You do not have to worry about getting the edges perfectly lined up, you just zip.

Loft is a mattress thickness. Standard futon cover fits futon mattress with Loft of 6 to 8 Inch thick. For other mattress thickness simply select Loft size in the drop down box.

Piping is a decorating binding around the cover pointing out the edges of the cover, piping could be made of different color to compliment or contract the main cover.

Inlay is a bottom side of the futon cover. It can be made in different fabric. Cover with optional inlay is typically one print on top with a coordinating solid fabric on the ‘flip side’. Usually this option is used to reduce the cover price. Also cover with inlay could be flipped if you were desperate to hide a stain before company arrives or even if your prefer the solid side for a change of pace.

Having fun time in choosing a new futon cover should not end just on the cover. We have a great selection of diverse accessory pillows which would compliment and enhance your futon. We offer separate pillows made in different sizes and also pillow and bonus packs. Pillow packs include one cover and two pillow. If you like to have more pillows in different dimension then the bonus pack is your best match and it includes 2 pillow, 2 bolsters and futon cover.

Since we have an extensive selection of different fabrics making the decision could be a bit overwhelming. We can make this experience much easier for you by offering an option to buy a sample swatches and give you an opportunity to make a right choice in choosing the futon cover.

Futon Cover Features:

  • Fabric all around
  • Three-sided zipper closure
  • Cover fits a 6″-8″ futon mattress
  • Sizes available: Cot (30″ x 75″), Chair (28″ x 54″), Ottoman (21″ x 28″), Twin (39″ x 75″), Twin Split (39″ x 54″), Twin Ottoman (39″ x 21″), Full (54″ x 75″), Love Seat (54″ x 54″), L. Ottoman (54″ x 21″), Queen (60″ x 80″), King (78″ x 80″)


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