Best Futon Mattress For Sitting in Sofa Position

Choosing the right type of futon mattress for sitting purposes is important. If you are going to use your futon as your primary sofa for sitting it is important that the mattress be of a certain thickness and designed with the right materials in order to achieve proper seating comfort levels. Most futon mattress are made from either all cotton or a combination of both cotton and foam. Keep in mind that cotton gets compressed and hardens over time, especially when all of the weight is concentrated in one spot.

Stratosphere Futon Mattress

A specialized foam futon manufacture called Otis Bed, based out of Buffalo, NY produces industrial strength high density foam futon mattresses. These premium futon mattresses are made with all types of foam in different thicknesses and do not contain cotton. This means, your futon mattress will be lighter, and keep its shape longer.

A highly recommended futon mattress for primary sitting purposes is the Stratosphere futon mattress by Otis. The Stratosphere measures about 6 ½ “ thick compared to the industry standard of 8” thick. This thinner type of high density foam mattress will provide more seating depth on the frame as well as allowing more circulation for your legs because they will be able to touch the floor in the seating position. Made from multiple layers of block panel and convulted foam, the Stratosphere has boxed edges and will keeps its shape for over 10 years. The mattress is light and easy to also open and close on your futon frame.


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