Prevent your futon mattress from sliding!

You love your futon; it’s the most comfortable sofa bed and a sleeper out there. Futons are multi-functional, stylish and versatile. But don’t you hate it when your mattress keeps sliding off the frame. You feel like you are sitting on an ice ring, trying to keep up.

In the past years the futon industry has really advanced in coming up with a variety of great mattresses. These mattresses are designed for longevity and comfort, for daily use as a bed and as a sofa. The only downside to these mattresses is that they are very thick and inflexible. Made with top quality high density foam they are harder to fold to sofa position compared to older futon mattresses.

Prevent your futon mattress from sliding   Prevent your futon mattress from sliding

Until now there was only one solution to the sliding futon problem. The Non Slip Futon Grip Pad (also known as Slip Stopper Pad) is a pad made out of rubber (similar to one used under rugs) and placed under the mattress on seat deck of the frame to create friction.

There is one more product that could be use to stop your mattress from sliding. A company that manufactures high end futon mattresses that last for years without changing shape came out with the product that solves the slippage issue for any futon. Not only these mattresses benefit from the Grip Pads by Otis bed but the lower quality mattresses keep their shape better if they don’t slide off the frame. These pads with one side that glues to the frame and the other side made out of foam create the right friction to keep the mattress from sliding. And it will not bunch up and move around because it is glued to the wood of the frame. Grip Pads come as a pair. The second strip attaches to the back deck of the frame and prevents the back side of the mattress from sliding down. It really works much better than singe Non Slip Pad. We highly suggest to purchase these pads with every futon it will make your futon experience much more enjoyable.


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