Cheap Click-Clack Sofa Beds From Target, Walmart and Ikea

Before purchasing a cheap sofa bed from Walmart, Target or Ikea, there are a few things to take into consideration about quality. First, there is a big difference between click clack sofa beds and pull out sofa bed sleepers. Click clack sofas operate similar to futons in the sense that the back folds down and the mattress is part of the frame, rather than a pull-out sofa bed sleeper where the mattress is a separate piece and folds underneath the seat cushions. Click clack sofas tend to be less expensive in price. This should not be confused with the futon, which has a separate mattress resting on a frame. The click clack sofa bed is all one piece.

The key to choosing the right type of sofa bed should be based on how it will be used. Please keep in mind that most of these click clack sofas priced under $300 are temporary solutions.

  1. Decide first how it will be used. Is it an everyday bed? Is it an everyday sofa to sit and lounge on? Is it going in a second room?
  2. Decide how long you think you want to keep it for.
  3. If it has to function as a bed, does it need to accommodate two people?

First thing to keep in mind that if you are spending less than $300, you cannot expect much in this type of price range. Click clacks in this price range are temporary solutions and most likely will not be comfortable as a bed or a sofa. If you don’t care and just need something to sit on for a few months to a year, then go for this type of sofa. It will probably be more comfortable to lie across the sofa than to sit upright on it. Below is an example of a click clack sofa bed for under $300. This would make sense for a basement, den, kids room, college dorm. The quality has a lot to do with how much foam padding is used. The cheaper the sofa, the less padding is in it. What happens is that an adult of average weight that will sit on something like this frequently will eventually feel the spring supports underneath due to the foam padding wearing out. The legs are also of lesser quality usually made from hard plastics or hollow aluminum.

You can find better quality click clack sofa beds in the $350-$450 range made by a Turkish manufacturer called Istikbal. The American based distributor for this manufacturer is called Sunset International. Almost all the click clack sofa beds they make contain a storage compartment where you can put linens and other personals. Istikbal manufactures one of the best quality click clack convertible sofas at reasonable and affordable prices. Starting prices for a three-seater armless sofa bed starts in the mid three hundred range. Here are some of the quality construction features of an Istikbal sofa bed:

  • Superior frame construction
  • Effortless operating mechanism for converting from sofa to bed position
  • Rust and corrosion resistant galvanized mechanism
  • Steel innerspring coils with wrapped foam fill
  • Contemporary upholstery with exclusive tailoring and fine detailing
  • Minimal assembly required.

Basically what all these features ensure is better longevity, improved comfort for sitting and sleeping and an aesthetically appealing style overall. Even if you are looking for a temporary solution for just a few months to a year, for just about $150 more than the average Target, Walmart, or cheap Ikea sofa bed, you can purchase the Vegas or Regata click clack sofa bed from Istikbal for just under $400. These armless sofas measure just under 80” across and are perfect for small spaces and apartments. Offered in several different microsuede colors as well as other fabrics, there are plenty of options to choose from that will match your current decor.

Istikbal offers over 50 different models of affordable quality convertible sofa beds in all styles and sizes from luxurious looking “L” sectionals, sofa with chaise lounges, as well as convertible loveseats and sofas that will convert into standard full and queen sizes.

Ultra Optimum Brown Sofa Bed Click-Clack by Sunset Ultra Optimum Brown Sofa Bed by Sunset

One advantage of these multi-functional sofas is that the all models that have armrests are detachable. This means that any of the sofas will be able to fit through tight hallways, doorways, elevators making it easy for shipping or moving. All of their sectionals and sofas with chaise lounges have reversible configurations making it easy to fit in your space.

Another brand with mid priced quality click clack sofa beds is Lifestyle Solutions. This distributor is known for their modern design of sofa beds. Many models come in a variety of durable faux leather colors with chrome accented sides and legs. The sofas are designed with modern clean straight lines, boxed arms and lower seating. This design fits perfect in small spaces or city apartments and does not overwhelm or clutter up a room. Pricing for lifestyle solutions starts at $379 for the Naples split back convertible sofa bed. Measuring only 74” wide, the Naples has dual adjustable arms and split back lounging feature. Small, cute, practical and functional, the Naples has great value for a click clack.


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