Where to Buy a Futon Mattress — Choosing the Right Source to Buy Your Futon Mattress

The time has come to move to a new place and start your new life. You may have inherited an old futon frame from a friend or family member, or perhaps you’re taking your old futon frame with you from your basement. Now that you have the frame, you need to replace the current old mattress. Now the question is, “where can I buy futon mattresses?”. It has been years since you last bought a futon and you probably don’t remember where, how much and what type.

It is important to keep in mind that not all futon mattresses are created equally. There is more than just one type of futon mattress and they come in all sizes and prices. Most futons sold come in full size, or some also call it a “double”. Unless you live in a major metropolitan area, you will have trouble finding a specialty futon store. Even cities as big as New York, have limited specialty futon stores. If you do happen to find a mattress or furniture store that sells futons, the selection is quite limited to only a few types of mattresses. Keep in mind that the futon mattress has to function as a sofa and a bed. It should be flexible, comfortable and easy to open and close the frame with it on.

So you happen to do a search online for “futon mattresses” and you see an overwhelming number of results from Amazon, Walmart and number of other big box stores. How do you know which model to choose. If you choose futon mattress solely based on reviews, you may find a lot of mixed messages. Unfortunately because people purchase futon mattresses online solely based on price for the most part, they lack the knowledge for making the right decision. You may have read a review claiming the “mattress is very uncomfortable”, then you see another review saying that the mattress is perfect. Keep in mind that it is all how the futon mattress is being used. A person who buys a $100 futon mattress that uses it as their everyday bed, may be surprised that it’s not the most comfortable. A person that uses it as an everyday sofa and occasional guest bed, may say the opposite.

To avoid buyer’s remorse, it is important to make the right decision. If you are looking for a futon mattress to function as an everyday sofa or bed with only a budget of $200, you will find most likely more than 20 different types of futon mattresses in this price range online. If you are a bit more flexible in budget and can spend up to $500 for a futon mattress, you will have more than 50 different models to choose from. Unless you are a regular futon user, you will have no clue what’s good and what’s bad. 

In conclusion, if you have a questions, or not sure about which type of futon mattress to buy, you should always and only buy from futon specialty dealers online as well as brick and mortar. Pick up the phone, dial that number and ask the experts.


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