Apartment Size Sofa Beds Under 70″

The challenge many residents of small spaces face is how to accommodate a sofa bed under 70” that will sleep two people comfortably. In order for two people to fit comfortably on a sofa bed, the size of sleeping surface has to be a full (54”x75”) or queen size (60”x80”). Most full and queen sofa beds are a minimum of at least 80” long.

There are 3 sofa beds under 70” inches that will convert to a standard full and queen size. These types of sofa beds are perfect for studio apartments or second rooms like home offices where your guests will stay. In actuality, these are not really sofas because they are loveseat size and meant for two people to sit on rather than three.

The first sofa bed that measures just under 60” is the k43-2 by J&M Furniture. This sofa bed is loveseat size and is the smallest scale sofa that converts to an actual queen size bed. This piece comes in black or white leatherette material, giving it a stylish, modern look with thin subtle chrome leg accents. This small scale sofa bed folds in thirds with pop out legs so the sleeping surface is elevated off the floor. When in the bed position, the frame is very stable and does not move. The surface is firm yet supportive enough to sleep on for long periods of time. If you want a softer feel, a good idea is to invest in a foam mattress topper so you don’t have to sleep directly on the upholstery.

Next we have a convertible sofa bed loveseat called the Victoria. Measuring just 68” wide, this is the smallest sofa bed with arms that will convert into a standard full size. Unlike the k43-2, this sofa bed uses a click clack mechanism and casters for easy conversion into a bed. The advantage to having the Victoria is that it is super easy to operate that even an elderly person should have no trouble with it. Another feature of this piece is that when in the bed position, the back of the frame acts as a headboard so your pillows won’t fall off.

Last we have the Twist, which is exactly like the Victoria, but without the arms. This loveseat sofa bed is the smallest size sofa that converts into a standard full, measuring just under 54” wide. The Twist comes in 2 fabrics and has a storage compartment for pillows and blankets right under the seat deck.

All these sofa beds mentioned above are perfect for second rooms with limited wall space. Unlike the convertible pull out sleeper sofa, there is no support bar sticking up in your back, nor do you have to worry about waking up with a sore back from sleeping on a flimsy 5” inch spring mattress.


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