Understanding The Differences in Futon Frame Quality

Choosing the right futon frame is very important especially when you use your futon quite frequently as a sofa or a bed. There are 5 categories of futon frames, oakwood, hardwood, pinewood and metal. You should choose the right type of futon frame that is most conducive to usage. Oakwood frames are the best to get and also the most expensive. These frames are made from solid oak and are considered the most durable. Its all in the weight of the frame. The lighter the frame is, the cheaper it tends to be in quality and price. Oakwood frames are solid and heavy. The heavier the frame, the easier it is to operate the frame for conversion from bed to sofa. An example of popular oak frame is the Manhattan frame by Gold Bond. This frame has a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and should give you a few decades of usage.

Next we have hardwood frames which are the most popular and average priced on the market. These frames are made from different types of hardwood trees and tend to be quite durable. The bodies of most of these frames are the same with an exception of the arms. The arms is what will determine price and quality. Simply put, the skinnier the arms, the cheaper the frame. The fatter the arms, the more heavier and stable the frame as well as higher in price.

Next we have hardwood wall hugger frames made by Strata. Strata is a manufacturer of the patented wall hugger frame. The wall hugger frame is the easiest frame to convert from sofa to bed position and vice versa. Unlike other futon frames that have to be moved from the wall a few inches when converting, the wall hugger frame can remain flushed to the wall. It contains an extension support leg which makes the frame better balanced and much more sturdy in the bed position.

Pinewood frames are made from soft wood. Most pinewood futon frames come unfinished and are the cheapest of the all the wood frames. Pinewood is great if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you will not be using the futon frame frequently. Also if you are just looking for a temporary solution for a year or a little more, you may want to consider this type of frame.

And the very last category of frames we have is the metal frame. Please understand that when I refer to metal frame, this includes the frames that are all metal as well as the ones that have wood arms and a metal body. The metal frame is the cheapest and made from lightweight tubular slats. The only reason why you would consider a metal frame should only be about price. If you just need a temporary solution and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then consider the metal frame. Please note that the mattress does not rest as evenly on the metal frame as it does on the wood frame. Since the slats of the body are thin and tubular, rather than wide and flat like wood futon frames, the sleeping surface will not be as comfortable as a wood frame.

In conclusion, you should consider how and for how long you will be using your futon frame before you buy it. Remember that there is a futon frame for every budget and every function.


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