Organic Mattresses Limited Warranty

Thinking of purchasing an organic or a green mattress but you are not sure of its value? Every organic/green mattresses hand made by The Futon Shop (TFS) is covered with a Limited Warranty.

All the green futons and organic mattresses manufactured by TFS are constructed with various grades of organic, staple, blended and recycled cotton, virgin wool, innerspring of bonnell and pocket coils, naturalux pure latex, Soy-based memory foam and soy-foam inserts. Cotton absorbs and retains moisture, which causes compression of the compacting fluffy cotton batting. Here are some simple instructions that will assist you in maintaining a plush, comfortable futon that you will enjoy for many years.

  1. Use proper support of your mattress in the form of a platform bed or sofa futon bed frame that offers center support and slated spacing for air circulation
  2. In the first 2 months of use, rotate your mattress every week, head to toe back to front, unless you purchased a no flip mattress.
  3. Air circulation is important for the cotton to breath, do not place futon or mattress on floor.
  4. Use a mattress pad when sleeping on any futon or organic mattress. The mattress pad will help keep body moisture from being absorbed into your cotton batting as well as protecting your mattress from stains and spills.
  5. Sun dry your mattress once a year, unzip zipper and air out your futon or organic mattress in a sunny window.
Examples of Proper Bed Frames for Queen and King Size Bedding.

Please read the Limited Warranty guidelines and limitations, and then register mattress set online. You may access additional information on proper mattress care through our website. NOTE: Law tag MUST be retained for warranty coverage. Please keep your sales receipt and Limited Warranty Certificate in a safe place.

Coverage begins on date of purchase and follows the “Warranty Schedule” found on this card. If TFS repairs or replaces your mattress, the Limited Warranty continues from the original date of purchase.

What is Covered By The Limited Warranty?

The Limited Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the mattress, and only covers manufacturing defects in a mattress when the mattress is subject to proper handling and normal use in conjunction with a bed frame that provides Continuous Support. To provide Continuous Support, a Queen or King frame must have 1) a rigid bridge bar with a supportive leg and 2) at least 5 legs, or 5 equally spaced hardwood cross-slats (see example above).

What is NOT COVERED By The Limited Warranty?

The Limited Warranty EXCLUDES: claims made outside the 50 United States or Puerto Rico, mattress fabric, comfort preference, bed height, spills, burns, damage due to abuse or abnormal use, damage due to use with inappropriate foundation, used bedding, bedding sold “As Is”, floor models, damage due to bed frames that DO NOT provide Continuous Support, and cost associated with transportation, inspection or removal of products. Also, normal body indentations or sagging (not associated with sag in foundation) of less than 2” for Latex or Innerspring mattresses, or less than 1” for Memory Foam mattresses, IS NOT COVERED. If it is determined that and indentation is caused by misuse, abuse or factors other than a product defect, this warranty will not cover that condition.

Any product found to be in an Unreasonably Unsanitary Condition, meaning the product is so pervasively soiled that 1) an inspector is unable to conduct an appropriate inspection of the condition of the product without being exposed to potentially dangerous bodily fluids, blood borne pathogens, or other substances that could cause significant injury or 2) otherwise suggest that the product has been subjected to misuse well beyond ordinary wear and tear, IS NOT COVERED under this warranty.

Does This Mattress Meet Federal Fire Retardancy Standards?

This product does meet Federal Fire Retardancy Standards. However, the mattress’s flame resistance may be seriously impaired, if any of the following occurs: a nonmatching mattress and foundation is damaged, torn or punctured, mattress handles are torn from the side of the mattress from abuse, general misuse or abuse of the set, treatment with an unapproved stain repellant or similar post purchase application.

Taking Care of Your Mattress

  • Keep your mattress sanitary by using a mattress pad, especially if children use the bed.
  • Things to Avoid: Do NOT stand on, jump on, use dry cleaning chemicals on, or allow any liquids on your mattress. Avoid placing a board between your mattress and foundation. DO NOT destroy the law tag label as it MUST be retained for warranty coverage.

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