Do You Really Want to Buy a Cheap Futon Mattress?

For some reason in my experience selling futons, I get a lot of people that come into the store asking about how much the cheapest futon is. Given the state of harsh economic times, it is understandable that people now are pinching their pennies even harder.

When doing your preliminary research online for futons you will see the complete futon set displayed in the picture and the price. The futon set is not a living room set. The “set” refers to the futon mattress, futon frame and futon cover. All the futon sets come standard with the cheapest futon mattress or basic mattress. The basic mattress is notorious with the metal frame futon set you see in college dorms or young people’s apartments.

I will always discourage customers from getting the standard futon mattress and will usually upgrade them to a better one. The standard futon mattress is simply recycled textile fibers mixed in with cotton. Textile fibers are the leftovers fabrics from the mill that are latter shredded up, similar to yarn, and mixed in with cotton.

I often get asked why would we sell the basic futon mattress if it isn’t that great. The answer is simple, there is a futon for every budget and every function. The only reason why you should ever not upgrade the mattress is if you are on the tightest budget or you are in a temporary living situation and you will toss it out a year later. 

Because there is no foam in this mattress, the materials inside will shift and when in the sofa position, the mattress will look uneven.  

My advice is if you are going to purchase the futon set with metal frame, mattress and cover, you should consider upgrading one step higher to the Multi-layer mattress. The Multi-layer is mostly foam with about an inch of cotton wrapped around it. This is an 8 inch mattress and its quite litght. Because its mostly foam, the shape of the mattress holds together more evenly. Because its lighter in weight, it will make it easier to open and close the frame, especially if you are getting the cheap metal frame. This futon mattress has more of a sofa cushion feel to it. It’s seating surface is fairly comfortable and you should get a few years of life out of it before the foam begins to flatten.


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