Reviews for Sofa Beds under 70″ in Loveseat Size

The K43-2 by J&M is an excellent choice if you are looking for a small scale sofa bed that doesn’t take up too much space. This armless loveseat sofa bed comes in a sleek modern leather textile in black or white. This loveseat opens to not a full size but a queen size bed and measures less than 60” wide. This piece is perfect for home offices, second rooms and small spaces.

The sofa opens to thirds and has hidden legs that pop out from under the cushion for extra stability. This piece is solidly built and can withstand all weights. When it’s opened to a bed, just lie on it and you can feel the solid frame and legs under you stay in place. The frame does not shake or wobble. The sleeping surface is firm so it is recommended to get a thick mattress pad or topper to put over it for added plushness.

If you just need a single sleeper, the K43-2 by J&M has a little sister called the K43-1. The K43-1 is a single chair sleeper measuring 47” wide. It also comes in black and white. 47” is between a twin and a full size. Its design is the same as the queen, only difference is that it is a single back cushion instead of two.


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