Click-Clack Convertible Sofa Bed Review

The term “click clack” refers to the clicking mechanism of the sofa. The sofa bed does not contain a separate mattress but rather the back of the sofa folds down flat into a bed. Please keep in mind that the majority of click clack sofa beds convert to about 47”-50” wide, so it is a little less than a double or full size bed. Two people can fit, but its a little bit of a tight squeeze.

Click clack sofa beds are the easiest to operate. When shopping for a click clack sofa bed, the most important thing you need to ask yourself is how it will be used. Keep in mind that these convertible sofa beds are not designed like conventional sofas that have individually encased foam cushions. Think of a click clack sofa bed as an innerspring mattress that folds yet it has a frame and arms. This type of sofa bed is usually designed all in one piece.

In regards to usage, is it going in a second room? Will it be used as your primary sofa for sitting? Will it be used to sleep on everyday? How long do you intend to keep this sofa bed?

First I would like to address the sofa beds retail priced from $199-$399. Although you can’t always go by price alone due to sales, or sometimes clearance discounts, the price has a lot to do with the quality of sofa bed you are getting. The click clack sofa beds in this price range are generally temporary solutions. This means that if you intend on using this sofa bed frequently, expect to buy another one within 2-3 years. Keep in mind that these sofa beds have a faster wear and tear than the more expensive ones because of quality of materials. Examples are the Ibiza Duo, the Yorker, and several other models made by Coaster. All of these click clack sofa beds that I mentioned have a knock off counterpart sold by big box stores like Walmart, Target and Cosco. Don’t be fooled by a sofa bed that sells for $169 on these sites. The quality is far more inferior than the ones sold by other competitors for a slightly higher price. Also the sofa beds sold in this price range by the big box stores tend to be much smaller and not long enough for a person over 5’5 to fit on. These pictures can look quite deceiving in scale, so please read all the fine print.

Next we have sofa beds priced from $499-$899. These click clack sofa beds are similarly designed like front driver and passenger car seats. They contain innerspring coils within the seating and backrest in order to have a little “give”. These sofas tend to be more on the firmer side for sitting, yet are more than substantial for occasional sleeping. Examples of these are the sofa beds made by Lifestyle Solutions and Sunset.

Lastly we have the higher end click clack sofa beds that should hold up for about 10 plus years. These sofa beds contain individually wrapped pocketed coils in the seat deck and back rest and measure in thickness from 7”-10” inches. These click clacks are built like a firm conventional mattress and can hold up from every day sitting or even sleeping. The price range for these sofa beds start from $899 and up. The number one brand for these quality click clack convertible sofa bed is Innovation Living.


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