Wooden Frames and Metal Bodies

The futon frame is an important component of the complete futon set. It is important to buy a good quality frame especially when converting the futon from sofa to bed. Futon mattresses tend to be heavy which puts a lot of stress on the frame. It is advisable to get an all wooden frame if you want your frame to last. The wood frame has flat wood panel slats just like a platform bed frame which supports the mattress evenly.

There is a lot of talk about metal frame futons, especially with a price much lower than the average wood frame ones. The all metal frame futon is the cheapest on the market. Keep in mind that the frame is not solid metal. The body of the frame is made from hollow tubular slats. These slats tend to ruin the futon mattress over time and eventually you may be able to feel the slats under the mattress. The metal frame futon also has a handle in front of the body to faciliate the conversion from sofa to bed. In some cases after heavy usage, the metal welding on the frame can break. The all metal frame futon should only be used as a temporary solution until you can afford something better, or maybe for a second room where it will hardly be used.

There are a lot of imitators in the futon market. Walmart, Target and other big box stores will advertise the “wood frame” futon on their websites. These futon frames look just like any other wood futon frame sold in many places. So how is it that Walmart and Target are able to sell these “wood frame” futons for under $250? If you simply look at the pictures of the futon frames on their sites, they appear to be just like any other frame but half the price of their competitors. So what’s the difference? These futon frames found on these big box sites have wood arms, but the body of the frame is made by cheap welded hollow metal. So what is the point of having wood arms with a metal body? The answer is to simply fool in the customer into thinking that they are getting a durable product. Yes, the wood arms help for added stability and look nicer from an aesthetic point of view, but make no difference in the quality comparing it to an all wooden frame.

Don’t be fooled by these low priced imitation frames. Avoid future stress down the road when your frame breaks because you decided to buy an imitator. Buy a real wooden frame.


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