Organic Latex Futon Mattresses

Latex by far, is the most superior ingredient in mattresses. What is so special about latex? Latex is from the rubber tree. Latex is a natural organic ingredient that makes for an excellent sleeping surface. It will last for many many years without sagging and will provide the best back support.

Features of latex mattresses:

  • Relief of Pressure Points
  • No Sinking Feeling
  • No Harmful Chemicals or Toxins
  • Anti-Allergenic Material
  • Resistance to Heat
Talalay latex. The Talalay process is an elaborate process that yields very controlled densities and product “feel”.The formulation uses many of the same base components as the Dunlop formulation, but without gelation reagents. The result is marketed as a healthier alternative to petroleum-based foams since petroleum-based foams give off volatile organic compounds as they age. In the marketing of products such as beds that include natural latex foams created with the Talalay process, these products are sometimes characterised as ‘organic’ or as completely natural. However this claim may not be completely true since unspecified curing agents are used in the Talalay process and ammonia is commonly used to stabilize liquid rubber.
Organic Plus Cotton, Natural Latex Mattress

In regards to pricing of latex mattresses, the more latex in the mattress the higher the price. You can find organic futon latex mattresses in queen size priced under $900. Please keep in mind that the mattress will not be 100% latex, but rather a few layers of latex mixed with organic cotton or wool. One example of an inexpensive latex futon mattress is the “Organic Plus Cotton and Latex Futon”. This futon mattress uses two layers of organic dunlop latex instead of foam sandwiched in between all natural premium staple cotton. For people that want an all cotton mattress for every night sleeping, it is highly recommended to consider adding 2 layers of latex. The latex instead of foam will help keep the shape of the futon and hold the cotton in place. If the mattress is all cotton, it will be susceptible to dips and valleys from the movement of the cotton. The layers of latex will also provide some back support as well as a slightly plusher sleeping surface. This futon retails for about $600, which is priced very competitively.


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