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Summer time before college is an exciting and stressful time. There is a lot of planning involved in figuring out what type of furniture to buy for college students can be quite a challenge especially when you are not sure of the space you’ll be living in.

If you will be moving to an apartment and not a dorm, you will be have to find a bed on your own. Futonland has many special deals on bed frames and mattresses. For conventional mattresses deals, you can get a full size box spring, innerspring mattress and metal frame delivered and set up for residents of NYC for just $299!!! Sleepys doesn’t offer a deal that good. Another awesome deal is our full size Astoria platform bed in natural finish with the easy rest mattress for just $349!

There are also a lot of great deals on inexpensive convertible sofa beds for under $399. These sofa beds offer exceptional value especially for students on a budget. The Ibiza Duo is a great choice. This sofa bed is sleek, small scale and has a memory foam seating pad and sells for $259. Also check out the Yorker. The Yorker is another small scale inexpensive sofa bed in a faux leather with padded arms available in many colors for just $259. If you could go a little higher in price, you should consider the Vegas by Sunset. The Vegas is an armless three seater sofa with built in storage that comes in five different microfiber colors for just $382.

SAVE $100 on Yorker Sofa Bed Brown (American Eagle Furniture)      Vegas Light Orange Convertible Sofa Bed by Sunset (Sunset International (Istikbal))      Ibiza Duo Sofa Bed Brown with Memory Foam (Prestige Furnishings)


Let’s not forget storage space for your clothes. Finding a good quality inexpensive chest for your clothes is not so difficult anymore. The DC-268 5 Drawer Chest by Alina is just $209 available in cherry and java. This is a great quality piece for the money with smooth rolling drawers and a key lock for the top drawer for your valuables.

If you are moving to a studio apartment or a small space, and you need the function of a sofa and a bed in one piece, hence the “futon”. A great futon that you could use as your primary bed and sofa would be the Monterey frame and Moonlight mattress. The Monterey is a finished frame available in Java, Teak and Chesapeake in full size. The Moonlight mattress by Gold Bond is one of our top of the line cotton and foam mattress. It contains 6 inches of high density foam in the core of the mattress wrapped in 2 inches of cotton. You also have a choice of any solid color futon cover. This package is just $499. There are many futon mattresses and frames to choose from.

In addition to the previous pieces mentioned, you can also go with a space saving loft bed. Loft beds are great because all the space under the bed can be utilized. This is very important in small apartments where every square inch counts. Starting at just $259 in twin size, the Liberty Loft Solid Pine Bed by Collegiate Furnishings is a great buy and you can even get it in a full or queen size. Not too many loft beds are available in queen size. If you want to combine your bed and workstation in one piece, there is the Workstation Loft Bed by Coaster for just $519. This loft bed is sleek and modern looking and has a full length work desk underneath the bed.

Many students may be sharing a room or dorm and it would be nice if there was a little privacy. Nothing is more functional than a folding screen to divide a space. If you are looking for true privacy, it is recommended to purchase a four panel room divider. The 4624 4-Panel Room Divider by Coaster is just $87. It’s light, portable and functional for any space. 

Another great inexpensive small scale piece is the 6030 Recliner by American Eagle chair in multiple colors for just $299. This makes a great seating addition for small studios that only have room for a bed and a chair. This recliner is the smallest and least overwhelming in size. It only measures 28” wide and its not overstuffed and bulky looking.

For those students that have some overnight guests and need something small and easy to convert to a bed, the LK06 by J&M is a sleek modern chair bed. It measures about 35” wide and converts easily to a bed with hidden legs so you don’t have to sleep directly on the floor. This chair bed is available in red and black.

Back to school is not back to school without mentioning “studying”. The whole reason why you are going to school is to learn. Obviously you are going to need a desk. The computer desk 7121 by Coaster is perfect for small spaces. Its compact, on wheels for easy mobility and has a keyboard tray and bottom shelf to hold your printer and hard drive. Perfect functional piece of furniture for just $119!


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