The Pulsar – Premium Memory Foam Futon Mattress Review

When deciding on a futon mattress after you have picked out the frame, you should ask yourself how you will be using it. Let’s say you will be using your futon as your primary bed or every day sitting as a sofa. Or maybe you plan to open and close your frame everyday. The best futon mattress is memory foam. The Pulsar futon mattress by Otis Bedding, is the top of the line mattress. This futon is 8” thick with 3” of premium visco elastic memory foam on top with 5” of high pressurized foam for added support. The beauty of this memory foam mattress is that it sits evenly and mold to the frame. This mattress will keep its shape for over 10 years. The memory foam molds to all your pressure points of your body providing healthy support for all your joints. The advantage of a memory foam futon mattress, asides from its superior comfort, is its flexibility. Because of the density of the foam, it enables easier conversion from sofa position to sleeping position of the futon frame.

This futon mattress is perfect for everyday and opening and closing your frame. The Pulsar futon by Otis Bedding also gives you superior sitting comfort better than a standard sofa cushion. Because memory foam retains its shape, the foam will not bottom out or flatten like the foam in the sofa cushion. This will give you many many years of seating comfort. If you get sick of the fabric or color scheme, no worries. We have plenty of different removable covers for your futon mattress.


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