The Moonlight Futon Mattress by Gold Bond Review

If you are looking for a mid priced good quality futon mattress that will hold up over the years, the Moonlight futon mattress by Gold Bond is the way to go. Futon mattresses are available in many different materials. Traditionally futon mattresses are made up of all cotton. Over the years many manufacturers started adding slabs of foam to the mattress. The foam is used to keep the mattress shape even and hold the cotton in place. The most common futon mattress is the double foam and cotton. The two slabs of foam are configured in a sandwich like way. This helps to keep the cotton from shifting around and provides a just minimal back support. In this category of cotton and foam futons, the Moonlight mattress is top of the line. It’s designed not only to keep the cotton in place, but also to give you exceptional back support.

The way this mattress is designed is it has six inches of foam in the core or the middle of the mattress with about 2 inches of 100% pre-compressed cotton batting wrapped around the foam. The mattress will have a medium firm feel. The higher the foam to cotton ratio in the mattress, the better support and comfort you will have for sitting and sleeping. This mattress will last a good number of years and can even be used for daily sleeping on a futon frame or platform bed.


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