Hardwood Bunk and Loft Beds

What comes to our mind when we think of words: bunk or loft bed?
Sleep. Comfort. Quality. Rest. Space.
That’s right. The reason we shop for this pieces of furniture is because they are functional, comfortable, durable and space-saving.  And we’re talking about hardwood ones that can last you forever.
There are lots of brands, designs and sizes out there. We’ll talk about all of them.
Let’s start with Atlantic Furniture Vendor. It is all about quality. They been on the market for several years and offer the best product out there, where you can make your own modifications to each product:
You can pick size of the top or bottom bed, even get the futon bed with regular bed on top. Trundle, drawers all come with option of side panel customization and all of their products come in several rich finishes: white, natural maple, caramel latte and antique walnut.
With their bunk beds you can pick one important feature that stands them out of their competitors: it’s a choice of ladder or storage staircase, where latter not only makes it easier and safer to climb to the upper bed, but also give you more storage of 4 stair-drawers.
Estimate delivery to customer: 1-2 weeks.
Another vendor that deserves a good word of appreciation is J&M. Servicing people since 1999 this company won a big share in its market due to it’s simple and durable design that lasts. A big plus for the company is the availability of the parts in case off loss or breakage.
2 models: Mission and Castle.
Both come in natural and chesapeake finishes. Mission is a standard twin over full bunk bed and castle is a twin over full futon. A little less expensive than Atlantic Furniture bunk beds and faster to get, but other than that both companies are good.
Since it is a local vendor delivery can be done very promptly: within a week.
And finally there’s a relatively new and fast growing futon seller in America that came out with great variety of not only futon sets, but also what? Right, great selection of Bunk and Loft Beds for those who savor their space and still want to get good quality night sleep throughout the night. It’s a Night & Day Company.
The finish choice this company has to offer is quite impressive:
Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Natural, Medium Oak and White.
Also represent 2 main models: Cinnamon and Ginger.
This company really has a lot of upsides:
Aside from their wood color option their futon beds are provided with special shoe fitting lock mechanism easy front opening and closing. Standard accessories: rolling drawers and trundle are available. The highlight of the collection is Ginger Loft Bed with optional straight or curvy desk. A true space saver this loft bed will be ideal for those who live in a studio and value every free inch of their room. Now it’s 2 in 1: office and bedroom.

Price-vise it’s competitive with Atlantic Furniture items only may take up to 2-3 weeks to deliver.

There are also lots of other vendors making good bunk beds and futon beds like Coaster (hardwood bunk and loft beds with very competitive prices), Acme (wood and metal), Palace Imports (Pinewood Bunk Beds), Collegiate FurnishingsMainline (Metal workstation, loft and bunk bed with option of attached drawers on rollers) etc., but I really wanted to highlight those 3 vendors for its outstanding quality, durability and impeccable reputation.


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