Split Futons

— I’m interested in the twin chair futon. Does it require an ottoman to become a bed? What does split mean? What are the measurements when it is open as a bed? What good quality futon would you recommend?

Twin chair futon frame needs an ottoman in order to use it as a bed. It is not a part of the twin chair frame and sold separately.

Twin split means 39″ X 54″ so the ottoman portion is 21″ X 39″ which in combination with split mattress make up a twin size bed (39″ X 75″). That is the bed size when the twin chair is open and the ottoman is next to it.

Regarding Futon Mattresses, you will need two mattresses in order to make a bed: one Twin Split and one Twin Ottoman.

Mattresses that I would recommend:
All of the above mattresses are very good for everyday use, it may seem a bit pricy but well build and worth the investment.
The are many other mattresses that we carry in medium comfort level:


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