Otis Futon Mattresses Reviews.

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Haley 110

“I called the store that this mattress came from. The sales rep “warned” me that this futon was firm…very firm. While he confirmed that it is made by one of the best futon manufacturers in the country, and that it was wonderfully made, he wanted me to understand what I was about to order – a very firm futon mattress. What I received is EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. The futon is made exclusively for platform beds, and not couches. It’s edges are “squared” on all corners, just like a regular mattress. It doesn’t “cave in” or relax anywhere. This is quality. (By the way, I received the futon 3 business days after it was ordered.)”

“This mattress is very firm and is high-quality. I have back problems, and this mattress helps me sleep. I don’t wake up with any back or joint pain.”

“I LOVE this mattress. We have slept on futons for 20 years but we are getting older. We bought the Haley and it was like heaven. I would recommend it without reservation for those who like firm.”


“I love this futon so much I wanted to write a review. My husband and I purchased this mattress a little over a year ago. We were a bit leery about using a futon as an every day mattress. but we were tired of paying so much money for a regular mattress only to have it give out on us after five years. I did my research and reviews were quite positive, so we thought we would take the risk. We are so glad we did. Of course it has only been a year, but the mattress is still in excellent condition, no lumps or bumps and I haven’t had a bad back since we purchased it. We really cannot believe the quality of the mattress for the money we paid. I highly recommend it.”

“This matress is realy great. Even when it’s on a wood futon frame it feels like your in a exspensive,luxury bed.”

“This is my second Moonshadow futon. The first one lasted 10 years and I’ve kept it as a backup for company. I nicknamed the first one the “Marshmellow” because when I layed in it it felt so comfortable, soft and conforming to my body. Maybe my memory is convoluted, but this one doesn’t feel that same way. The first week it felt convexed in the middle and that my head was lower than my body. Since then it has flattened out and is more comfortable, but I’m not getting that marshmellow feeling. This mattress is good for my back tho, and I’m sure it’s going to last another 10 years. Also, this mattress is light enough that I can flip it around by myself.”

“I looked for a long time for a futon mattress that I could use on a platform. This mattress works perfectly.
I cannot sleep on mattresses with the springs in them. So this was the best option for me. After using air beds for years the transition to this mattress was no problem. (and it doesnt’ lose air!)”
“I am a small person so this mattress’s firmness is perfect for me.
I love this mattress!”


“I received my Otis Pulsar futon mattress in queen size 4 days ago. It arrived in a box about 4 x 3 feet & 1.5 feet deep, talk about compression. After wrestling it out of the box, more like tearing the box off it, it sprang into shape not unlike one of those self inflating emergency rafts that inflate super quick. It was shipped from Buffalo New York so I believe it came straight from the Otis Factory. Right now I have it laying flat on an old queen sized air mattress to give it some lift as I have yet to decide on a futon frame. The first night it was not that comfortable, I believe it was not fully uncompressed yet. Second night, and since, it has been superb. It is super soft but with true support that makes it somewhat firm all in all. I tested it straight on the floor and it felt the same as on the air mattress. I have a rather bony butt and did what you may call some extreme bottoming out tests on it while it was on the floor. It did not bottom out once and I can say my rear end feels quite fine from the testing. It’s a visco elastic/memory foam futon & has definitely cut down on my tossing & turning. All in all, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase & would give the Otis Pulsar a 5 out of 5 stars rating.”

“I am still super happy with my choice. It is true that once you have been in one position long enough for the visco to react and conform to your body, if you change positions it takes the “conformed” spot a little time to adjust. I do not have any problem with this as my next position quickly conforms with no discomfort. I heartly reccomend the Pulsar.”

“I like this futon a great deal and use it for my primary bed on a slat frame.”


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