High Density Foam/Polyester Futon Mattresses by Otis

Otis Bed is the one of the leading manufacturers of premium futon and platform bed foam/polyester mattresses. They are the Mercedes Benz of futon mattresses in the industry. What makes these futons so special is their quality construction and ingredients. Basic futon mattresses are made up of one or two layers of 1” foam surrounded by cotton. Cotton tends to weigh the most and is suseptible to lumping and hardening . Cotton condenses as it is sat on and slept on overtime. It requires flipping and beating to break up the compressed cotton fibers.

Otis futons are made up of over 90% 1.8 to 2.0 high density convoluted (egg-crate) foam. The foam is wrapped in a polyester batting. Polyester is synthetic and is used instead of cotton. The advantage of using polyester over cotton is that it weighs less, making it easier to open and close your frame. It also keeps its shape and doesn’t lump up over time. 
The superior quality of foam used in Otis mattresses ensures durability and a premium level of support and comfort. These futons will last over ten years without bottoming out or losing shape. High quality foam futon mattresses provide back support especially to common pressure points. When you sit on an Otis futon it feels like you are sitting on a high end sofa cushion and sleeping on a premium brand name mattress.
The Haley 110 and Moonshadow are two of Otis best selling foam futon mattresses. The Haley 110 is highly recommended for everyday sitting and sleeping. The futon measures a thick 9 inches stuffed with generous layers of 2.0 high density foam. (standard sofa cushions use 1.5 density foam). It is medium firm and has a nice bounce unlike mostly cotton futons which feels like sitting on a rock after it gets compacted overtime. Foam contours to your body and relieves the pressure points especially for those side sleepers. 
The Moonshadow has a similar construction to the Haley 110. The difference is that the Moonshadow is more plush and cushy yet very supportive. Its perfect for everyday sleeping and sitting. Its durability outlasts your standard conventional mattress and priced very economically.
Otis futon mattresses are recommended for people that are looking for premium quality and comfort for everyday sitting or sleeping. Given that Otis futons are superior in durability, it is highly recommended for people who weigh over 200lbs. 
Bottom line. These futon mattresses will last more then a decade without bottoming out! They are worth every penny.


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