Bachelor in the city. Futon mattress for everyday sitting and sleeping

Futons for everyday sitting and sleeping are quite common among the studio apartment dwellers such as myself. This question comes up for people who are moving into a small studio or room under 400 sqare feet. I’m going to be using my futon as my primary bed and sofa for sitting and sleeping everyday, which futon mattress should I get? How much will it cost me?

This is quite a hard question to answer yet still very simple at the same time. The simple part of this answer is, don’t settle with the standard futon mattress that comes with the package, be prepared to upgrade by at least $150 or more. For studio apartment dwellers who purchase a futon as a primary bed and sofa, we have to keep in mind the dual functionality of this piece of furniture. You are combining a bed frame and mattress and a sofa seating function into one piece of furniture. Essentially you are buying a bed and sofa. Be prepared to spend $500-$700 for a quality frame and mattress. I’m the type of person that likes to sit and surf the net and watch TV for hours on end. Imagine sitting in the same spot you’re using as a bed. All of your body weight is distributed to one spot of the mattress as opposed to lying in the sleeping position. Your futon mattress needs to be of good quality to take that abuse of your rear end sitting on the same spot for hours on end. Then keep in mind that I fold the frame up and down every day. I need a mattress that sits like a sofa, sleeps like a bed and is easy to fold with the futon frame. I discovered the Scandia Visco mattress by King Koil. Visco foam or memory foam is perfect for futon mattresses. The Scandia has 2 thick layers of visco foam with layers of convoluted high density foam for support and a mix of a poly/cotton blend encased for extra comfort and shape retention. Now I can sit for hours on end surfing the net, watching TV and vegging out without having to worry about my ass imprint showing. The visco memory foam helps retain the shape of the mattress so it won’t bottom out as fast. It molds to the frame making it easier to open and close. As for the sleeping part of it, it works well. Its thick and dense enough to prevent feeling slats sticking up in my back and provides a plush surface for comfort yet has a firm core for back support.

I recommend the Scandia Visco foam mattress for those people who use their futon as an everyday sofa and every day bed for sleeping. Its flexibility makes it more conducive for opening and closing your futon frame on a more frequent basis, and also provides a premium level of sitting and sleeping comfort.


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