Why chose organic?

It’s not just a futon, it’s part of our organic mission.
You can help to heal the earth while you sleep, simply by choosing our 100% organic futon mattresses. The more you “go organic” in what you wear, sleep on, wash and dry with and consume, the more you are doing to help replenish our planet and safeguard its future abundance. Join us and make a difference in the environment, our earth’s soil, water, air and for countless living things.

Why organic is a choice you can feel good about.
Organic cotton is a good example of the benefits of choosing organic products. Until about 50 years ago, cotton-growing mainly involved sustainable techniques: it did not permanently deplete resources or create a health hazard. Today, however, the pesticides used on “conventional” cotton increasingly threatens people, wildlife and the environment. Most pesticides were originally developed as toxic nerve agents during WWII and it is no wonder they have been linked to many forms of cancers.

Organic cotton is grown with natural fertilizers and is free from toxic chemicals. Organic farmers rely on crop rotation to replenish and maintain soil fertility. Mechanical cultivation and botanical or biological means are used to control pests and weeds. A field must be pesticide-free for at least three years to be certified organic, and the cotton must be processed according to international organic standards.

Conventional farming also endangers farm workers and their families. There are innumerable cases of serious pesticide-related health problems, including birth defects, long-term memory loss, paralysis and death. Unprotected storage, improper application methods and lack of proper handling of chemicals is not uncommon, and often leads to tragic accidents. As pests develop resistance, farmers desperate to keep up yields often resort to more and more applications of expensive pesticides. The chemical treadmill leaves them heavily in debt, and caught in a vicious circle. Facing barren, devastated fields and contaminated water, many small farmers have been forced to abandon their livelihood altogether.

Organic farming, on the other hand, is not only safer and healthier for farmers, but also encourages just economic systems in the supply chain. It provides an economically viable and socially acceptable alternative to large-scale farming and dependence on subsidies. Join us, together we can make a difference!

What to chose?
Check out all new organic futon mattresses from The Futon Shop, product of California! Choose from Pure Comfort Mattress of Organic Cotton, Wool & 3 inch Pocket Coil, Natural Rest Organic Cotton Futon Mattress, Natural Organic Cotton Soy Memory Foam Mattress and Natural Plus Organic Cotton, Organic Latex & Spring Mattress.

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