Small Space Guest Sleeping Solutions

We here at Futonland have collected a wide variation of chairs, sofas, and chaise lounges, which will morph and fold into a nice bed for the night. Unifoam Flip Chair A unique product, the Unifoam Flip Chair is a functional chair that can be converted into a sleeping space. Constructed entirely out of 8-inch foam,…

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Brighten Your Living Room with a Sunset Sofa

Sunset Convertible Sofas

Sunset convertible sofas are possibly the easiest, most eye-catching additions to any kind of living room. They embody their name perfectly, reminiscent of something that makes us all smile, no matter our mood. Sunset sofa beds are a more fun, easier to move sofa option than a traditional couch or sofa and can be added to…

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Contemporary Sofas Are the Way to Go Today

Innovation Living Sofa Beds

Tiny home living cramped New York City apartments, and innovative millennial-designed apartments across the country are shifting the “hot” real estate trends in favor of a smaller living space. Residents in cities like New York and Los Angeles are forced to get creative with their small spaces, and consequently turn their attentions to furniture that…

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Futonland’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again where we celebrate the man who made a difference in our lives by taking him out for a steak dinner and showering him in gifts. And we’re not talking about neck ties here, because he already has pile of those hanging around from every year you gifted it…

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Innovation Living 2015: Modern Furniture Done Right

The danish have been known for their sleek contemporary furniture design since the 70’s, and with good reason. Their craftsmanship and level of design is unmatched in the furniture industry. Look around the modern/contemporary furniture landscape and you’ll see danish designs mimicked everywhere. The biggest source of this is the Big Box furniture chain IKEA,…

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Living Room Sectionals: The Space Saver

When I mention sectionals to a potential buyer they look at me blankly and say: “I don’t have the space for that”.  But they do. That is exactly what sectionals are for; They are there to make the best use of wall space in your home.  Sectionals have changed a ton since the 90’s; they’re…

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