Memory Foam Pillows: A Better Way to Sleep.

Here in this land of futons, we have received a gift of sorts…at least I have. I walked in this morning, refreshed and ready to work on our lovely website, when this was thrown on my desk:

The Harmony Memory Foam Pillow by Mlily
“Sleep on me…it’s ok. No one’s watching.”

This being the Mlily Harmony  Shredded Memory Foam Pillow.  Made with the same space-age technology that helped Americans land on the moon, or something like that. As you can see it comes with a drawstring travel bag. This wasn’t by accident; Mlily is marketing this as a travel companion, so it’s perfect for a long flight or camping trip.  I’m an avid camper, so I could easily see this replacing my dull air pillow on camping trips.     

Unraveling pillow from travel bag

It’s almost like a baby being born on my desk.

It’s thick and firm.

Thickness of the pillow

For a pillow that’s encased in a travel bag, this thing rolls out to about the thickness of a goose feather pillow.  The quilted foam pouch feels nice and warm when you’re resting on it.

This is what memory foam is really for.

Me sleeping on a memory foam pillow

Normally I wouldn’t sleep on the job, but…

I was surprised at how firm the pillow was — in a good way.  It offered a lot of support for my head as I laid on a solid wood desk counter. I can’t imagine how well one would sleep with it on a bed. I see a lot of mattress companies making a big hoopla about memory foam beds, but me personally I think memory foam is better suited on a pillow.  Trust me on this one. Once you feel your head slowly sinking into the memory foam, you’ll never want to go back to a regular pillow.

The Milily Harmony is available on our website for $39.

Also available from Mlily on our website:

Ambiance Pillow

The Ambiance Pillow by Mlily

With a silk blended cover this molded memory

foam features a cooling gelCore foam.

How’s it feel?  Has a medium firm feel to it.

Bliss Pillow

The Bliss Pillow by Mlily


A triple cooling pillow with gel-infused memory foam,

heat-dissipating gel pad insert, and a revolutionary

cool-to-the-touch fabric.

How it feel?  Extra Soft and plushy.

Energize Pillow

Down-like softness in a breathable microfiber cover.

Ventilated gel memory foam for greater air flow and

refreshing sleep.

How’s it feel: About medium firm.

Serenity Pillow


A versatile and popular side-sleeper pillow with three

distinct surfaces to explore. Bamboo-infused high

density memory foam.

How’s it Feel? Medium firm.

Vitality Pillow


Soft, shapeable shredded memory foam in a foam encased pouch.

Customizable comfort with universal appeal.

How it feel? Really Soft.