The New Unifoam Flip Chair from Comfort Pure

Unifoam Flip Chair

Comfort Pure sets out to produce versatile furnishing in the most natural manner. Their latest product in the Unifoam line provides a healthy solution to small living spaces. The Unifoam Flip Chair is made entirely from 8 inch foam, and comes in a great variety of different colors and textures. Watch the video below to…

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Made in America

American Flag

There was a time when America lead the modern world in manufacturing and industry. When American made meant something. Quality, durability and fine craftsmanship were synonymous with the words ‘made in usa’.

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Insane Furniture Deals of The Week

Xoom Sofa by Lifestyle

Summer’s over, the leaves are withering away and that new jacket of yours can finally be put to use. The season of change is here and it’s time to start anew. So why not a new couch? This week on Deals of the Week, we have four controvertible sofas cut to their lowest prices ever.

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Futonland’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Lift Top Coffee Table by Ashley

It’s that time of the year again where we celebrate the man who made a difference in our lives by taking him out for a steak dinner and showering him in gifts. And we’re not talking about neck ties here, because he already has pile of those hanging around from every year you gifted it…

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